I come from a community were many young males don't care about where there heading in the future or what happens in life, but I am a total opposite. I'm a passionate and dedicated young artist who lives each day like it's my last. While I'm at home painting in my studio, other teens are in the streets getting into trouble. I enjoy art because its my way of expressing the imagery in my environment. My art will provide a solid foundation while leading me to places that I've only dream of. There are many different people in my life that motivates me to continue with art. My mother is the one person in my life who supported me with all my art: through her support and my hard work my drawing skills have gotten more mature. I've develop a painting style technique which deals with many colors placed in a unique way which makes everything in the piece stand out. There are many stereotypes and taboos in the world, which I express the way I feel about them through my paintings. Many people in the world feel that all African American young men are "thugs" and always stay in trouble, but this stereotype is not true. I am a young black male that puts forth maximum effort at everything I do, staying out of trouble so that I can make it some where in life. My paintings consist of me in an aggressive poses, which gives off the thought of a territorial appearance, but I then place beautiful intense colors in a unique way, which gives the piece more of a calm feeling. I have a series of these paintings which all consist of the same concept. All the painting have me in different poses with different urban sceneries in the background.