Lately my life has taken a new turn. I′m sure it′s something I will learn from eventually, but for now it′s just very hard to deal with. After a two-hour conversation with my parents I realized how little I knew about my own life. While my mom was fighting back tears, my dad explained everything clearly and thoroughly. I listened carefully and made sure I had understood.

My senior year will begin the countdown for what will decide an important part of my life, the election of 2008 will be my savior, or not. This anxiety I have is hard to live with and harsh on my entire family, but it′s part of life and we have to find a way to deal with it. Just like my parents, I plan on never giving up. And I plan on taking my only way of expression; art, and expand it to show how people go through pain which only makes them stronger. To me, art is believing you can do anything, art is safe, art is pure, and it′s my source of distraction from everything. It allows me to concentrate on something else, and it reminds me that I am worth something, that I am a person of value and that no human being should be considered unworthy. In my art I try to express the different struggles people go through and the different ways they cope with it. I also make my art express the possible change that could take place in this world, that one day politics won′t deprive an individual of any rights and that everyone could be treated as equals. I have faith that people can change for the better and allow the beauty of earth to show. And if nobody will listen to me, maybe my art will open their eyes because in my opinion a picture is worth a thousand words.