The Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance (MSDNAA) is a Microsoft Program (also known as DreamSpark) which is paid for by the Wolfson Camus Department of Technology so that students learning Microsoft development software (programming languages, databases, etc.) and Operating Systems can use such software under a free academic license.

You have to be a student taking a Microsoft IT class at Wolfson Campus for MSDNAA access. If you attend technology classes at another campus, please contact that Campus Department for your account.

NOTE: All current MDC Students have access to OFFICE 365 at:


After your MSDNAA account has been created, you must register your new account before you can download any software.

LOGIN to DreamSpark

             USER NAME is your entire MYMDC.NET email address

             PASSWORD sent in the Microsoft email (or it is the same as you had before)


Your Account will EXPIRE at the End of the Semester (but will be renewed if you take another EnTec Microsoft course).


  • Read the instructions and accept the Terms Of Service. Software is for ACADEMIC USE ONLY.
  • KEEP your Product Keys in a safe place.
  • With some software titles or Operating Systems you may be limited to only ONE copy or license. Therefore, avoid downloading software you will use in another course in a later Semester. Reason: The code may be updated or have a service pack built-in later, so your version may not be exactly the same one used in class.

 How to Download Visual Studio:

1.  Log into your DreamSpark Account and continue to the Storefront.

2.  Click on Developer Tools for Visual Studio.

3. Find and select Visual Studio Professional with updates DVD version and ADD to CART.

4. View your Cart and place your Order. You must Accept the Terms of Service.

5. In the Order, you should see your “Purchase”.

6. In your Receipt, you will see your Product Key (save it!). Now, click on the Start Download button.

7. You must download the SDM software (which  allows you do download Products from DreamSpark). If you have already installed SDM, you don’t need to do it again. After SDM is installed, click on Download SDX (the actual DreamSpark Software download file).

8. The SDM will pop up and then you click on START DOWNLOAD to begin the download of the Product file.

9. Download begins showing the download status bar.  After the download is complete, the file will be checked and saved. Don't disturb this process because the download is a temporary file and must be extracted by the SDM software.

10. After the download is complete, you should see a Folder in your default Download directory with the Visual Studio software in it.
11. If you downloaded the DVD version, it will be a DVD image file with the file extention IMG. Right-click on the file and select BURN DISK IMAGE. Insert a blank DVD and click on the BURN button.  If you have an older version of Windows or prefer using other DVD burning software, you can usually change the IMG file extension to ISO.
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