Cisco CCNA Certification

Exam Vouchers

Cisco Academy Vouchers for CCNA Exam

Information as of June 25, 2015:

Availability and Duration:    3 months  ─  From the date you are “COMPLETED” in class  

Certification Exam discount vouchers are available upon completing:

  • CCNA R&S:  Routing and Switching Essentials  (CCNA-2)

  • CCNA R&S:  Connecting Networks  (CCNA-4)

Once you qualify for the Exam Voucher(s), your Home Page should show the following (within 48 hours):

NOTE: When you Select either ICND or the CCNA Composite, the other choice disappears (so choose wisely).

ELIGIBILITY:  Students become voucher eligible on the DATE both eligibility criteria are met.

DEADLINE:  The discount is available for 3 months only:  

Once they are marked "Completed" in the Course Gradebook, Students must request their voucher and take the exam before 3-months end.

PROCESSING TIME:  Voucher requests take approximately 14 days to process (but may take up to 30 days), and the voucher availability may be subject to change.

THEREFORE:  Once you become ELIGIBLE, you have 3 months to:

(a)  Request the Voucher

(b)  Wait to receive the Voucher (the Voucher will have an expiration date)

(c)  Make your Reservation Date with VUE for the Exam

(d)  Take the Exam

So, if you “Complete” the course and wait 2  months to request the voucher, and there are no reservations open at any VUE TEST CENTER before the expiration date, you are out of Luck.

When you are “Completed” in the Academy Gradebook, you should make a Voucher Request immediately.

Here are the Exam costs, with and without the Voucher: 



Certificates of Completion, Letters of Merit, etc.

Go to Cisco NetAcad, and navigate to your Networking Academy User Profile (click on your Name at top).  At the bottom of the Profile Page, you can view the following:

  • Organization and Roles
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Letters of Merit
  • Certifications and Discounts


Certification Exam Reimbursement

If you are enrolled in the Cisco Program, you may be eligible for reimbursement of your Certification cost from the State of Florida.

You will need to complete the following Forms:

  1. Program Industry Certification Verification   ―  Excel Document

  2. Request for Reimbursement for the Completion of an Industry Certification    Word Document

You also need to provide the following:

  1. An itemized receipt showing payment for the Certification Exam
  2. Verification of success (copy of your CCNA Certification Card will do)
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